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  1. Chain conditions and the Axiom of Choice (with J. Marhsall-Milne), arXiv 2308.11826
  2. Embeddings of von Neumann algebras into uniform Roe algebras and quasi-local algebras (with F. Baudier, B. de Mendonça Braga, A. Vignati, and R. Willett), J. Funct. Anal., to appear.
  3. Tracial transfer (with B. Hart, I. Hirshberg, C. Schafhauser, A. Tikuisis, and A. Vaccaro); a preliminary version.
  4. Coarse equivalence versus bijective coarse equivalence of expander graphs (with F. Baudier, B. de Mendonça Braga, A. Vignati, and R. Willett), arXiv 2307.11529
  5. Trivial automorphisms of reduced products (with A. Vignati and B. De Bondt), arXiv 2307.06731
  6. Quantifier elimination in II1 factors, to appear in Münster J. Math.
  7. Hilbert spaces without countable Axiom of Choice, (with B. Blackadar and A. Karagila), arXiv 2304.09602
  8. Preservation of elementarity by tensor products of tracial von Neumann algebras (with S. Ghasemi), arXiv 2304.08437.
  9. Obstructions to countable saturation in corona algebras (with A. Vignati), Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 151 (03), 1285-1300.
  10. Calkin algebra, Kazhdan's property (T), strongly self-absorbing C*-algebras, to appear in Proc. London Math. Soc.
  11. Corona rigidity (with S. Ghasemi, A. Vaccaro, and A. Vignati), January 2022.
  12. Uniform Roe algebras of uniformly locally finite metric spaces are rigid (with F. Baudier, B. de Mendon\c ca Braga, A. Khukhro, A. Vignati, and R. Willett), Invent. Math.230 (3), 1071-1100
  13. Nonseparable CCR algebras (with Najla Manhal), International J. Math. 32 (2021) pages 2150094.
  14. Between reduced powers and ultrapowers II. (with Saharon Shelah) Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 375 (2022), 9007-9034.
  15. Between reduced powers and ultapowers,  to appear in J. European Math. Soc. (JEMS)
  16. Can you take Akemann-Weaver's diamond away?,  with Daniel Calderón, J. Funct. Anal. 285 (5), 110017
  17. The Calkin algebra is aleph_1-universal,  with Alessandro Vignati and Ilan Hirshberg, Israel Journal of Mathematics volume 237pages 287–309(2020)
  18. A rigid hyperfinite II_1 factor, with Ilan Hirshberg, International Mathematics Research Notices, rnaa067
  19. Embeddings of Uniform Roe Algebras, with Bruno de Mendonça Braga and Alessandro Vignati, Communications in Mathematical Physics volume 377pages 1853–1882 (2020)
  20. General uniform Roe algebra rigidity, with Bruno de Mendonça Braga and Alessandro Vignati, to appear in Annales de l'Institut Fourier
  21. Corson reflection, with Menachem Magidor, Ann. Pure Appl. Logic 172 (2021) 102908.
  22. Uniform Roe coronas, with Bruno de Mendonça Braga and Alessandro Vignati, Advances in Mathematics 389 (2021) 107886. (Note: This paper was submitted to the Advances in 2018, before I joined the Editorial Board.)
  23. On the rigidity of uniform Roe algebras over uniformly locally finite coarse spaces, with Bruno de Mendonça Braga, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc.374 (2021) 1007--1040.
  24. Embedding C∗ -Algebras Into the Calkin Algebra, with Georgios Katsimpas and Andrea Vaccaro, International Mathematics Research Notices (IMRN), rnz058

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